We had no idea that an outdoor cat would take so quickly to humans! When we first met Wednesday, she stayed at an arm's length but got closer each visit. She is a sweet, outgoing cat who definitely knows her name! If you yell to her while she is nearby, she will pop up and saunter over, meowing the whole way.

Wednesday was the first cat that we trapped to be sterilized. When she walked into the trap, we panicked because she managed to eat the food and walk back out without stepping on the trigger, which would have closed the door. Dismayed, we feared that we would never get her back in! Thankfully though, while we were resetting the trap, Wednesday walked over and allowed us to pick her up and place her inside, closing the door behind her.

After she was spayed, we housed her in the tack room for her recovery time. At the beginning, she hung out behind the toilet; but each day, she became more comfortable and started eating in our presence. Once she was released, she was weary of us for a few days but has been affectionate, talkative, and trusting of us ever since.

Wednesday enthusiastically greets us by rubbing our legs, purring very loudly, kneading the air, laying down, and accepting all the pets we offer. She even ventures into the tack room to spend time with the kittens, who adore her. We joke that she must feel like a celebrity as the kittens follow her around like paparazzi.

Birth year: ~2022

Likes: humans, affection, other cats, wet and dry food, pets, purring, having conversations

Dislikes: being barked at

Veterinary Team:

  • Veterinarian: Dr. McDonald, Locust Fork Animal Clinic, Locust Fork, AL


Average monthly cost for basic care: $60

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