We thought we had seen all of the adult barn cats, and then we met Thomas. When we began feeding the barn cats, we put out their food in the late afternoon. As our schedule changed, their feeding time became earlier in the evening. It was when we started feeding later that we learned of Thomas.

He was the largest of all the adult cats and presumably the dad to at least some of the kittens. Being a male, he was also in the roughest shape. Our initial glimpse of him revealed an ear injury, unkempt and missing fur, and a laceration around his neck. Thankfully, we were able to trap him and, while he was being neutered, the doctor also treated his wounds. Following his procedure, we kept him crated indoors to allow his body to heal. He had a few puncture wounds that were probably from fighting other cats, but the laceration around his neck was not the result of a natural interaction. The presumption that someone had intentionally hurt Thomas broke our hearts. The more time we spent with him, we realized that he was extremely outgoing and affectionate. After a few weeks of recovery, we took Thomas for a follow up exam with our veterinarian, who was pleased with how good he looked!

When it was time to release Thomas, he was unwilling to go back into his carrier, so we swaddled him in a blanket and carried him to the barn. He investigated the stalls and sniffed the other cats, appearing happy to have returned home. We saw him for two days following his release. We fear that something fatally harmed him, which devastates us. Like Morticia, we hope that he, too, will return one day. Until then, we continue to honor his memory. Thomas was the protector of our adult cats. He often hung out at the back of the barn, keeping a watchful eye on the outside while the females ate. In Heaven, we know he is the protector of all our sanctuary residents.

Birth year: ~2016

Likes: wet cat food, being the boss, looking intimidating but being super sweet, standing on a pallet in the woods, loving on people, attention, talking

Dislikes: being injured

Veterinary Team:

  • Veterinarian: Dr. McDonald, Locust Fork Animal Clinic, Locust Fork, AL



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