Our littlest Venn. A funny-looking-in-a-cute way kitten, she has blossomed into an adorable cat! She is *the most loving* of her litter, and her affection can be a little painful - like when she inserts her claws into your leg or back to climb up on you, ouch! She enjoys being held and adored. Her polydactyl toes make her walk a little wonky, which makes her more endearing. We nicknamed her "Vennesday" as she is a near-exact replica of Wednesday, one of our adult barn cats, and it is only because of her big feet that we can quickly tell them apart! If you sit down, she is the first to greet you, asking to be held. She is also brave and ventured around the cat shelves before her siblings gave them a try.

Birth year: 2023

Likes: loving people, being in the middle of whatever you're doing, her siblings (particularly Mr. Dorothy), Wednesday, purring, being cuddled and talked to

Dislikes: not being held

Veterinary Team:

  • Veterinarian: Dr. Tucker, Hayden Veterinary Clinic, Hayden, AL
  • Veterinarian: Dr. McDonald, Locust Fork Animal Clinic, Locust Fork, AL


Average monthly cost for basic care: $70

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