Flurry is easily identified by her mostly white fur, and her abnormally large paws. She, like many of the kittens, is a polydactyl, which means she has bonus toes. We can easily spot her in the pasture, even though she will crouch down in the grass. She likes to sit in our outdoor sink, or lay out on the countertops with her bestie, Dahlia.

Flurry was the last of our adult cats to be spayed, and she was also the calmest in the trap. She accepted pets through the bars and, when the veterinary clinic sent her home wearing an e-collar, she let us open the trap to remove it. During her post-surgical recovery, she hid in the tack room sink, a small space between the wall and the cabinet, or behind the toilet. We released her in the morning, and she was back that same evening for supper - she wasn't going to miss a free meal!

We think of Flurry as the teenager who is too cool for her parents. When we see her in the pasture, we yell from across the field, "FLURRY! FLURRY CAT, WE SEEEEE YOU!!" and she hunkers down, wishing we weren't so embarrassing.

We can't say for sure, but we suspect that Flurry is the mother of the Geometry Kittens. We saw her hanging around the pole barn when they were in there, and there's an obvious genetic link - those polydactyl paws that she, Venn and Vertex share.

Birth year: ~2022

Likes: wet food, laying in sinks, paling around with Dahlia, romping in the tall grass, lounging in the barn stalls

Dislikes: people being too close, lawnmowers, being called out while she is hiding

Veterinary Team:


Average monthly cost for basic care: $60

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