Inspector Vector! Vector was the shyest of his litter. He tolerated being pet and held but seemed uneasy about the interactions. He is more confident now but remains the least likely to seek out affection. His fur has a uniquely spotted pattern that makes him look like a Rorschach image.

As a young kitten, Vector had recurrent issues with diarrhea. He had several diagnostic tests performed and stayed overnight at the veterinary hospital during one rough bout. (During which the staff described him as a "typical kitten, playful and vocalizing for all the attention!")

Vector has a fuzzy blue ball that he loves to chase and bat around. While he really loves toys, he also loves initiating rough and tumble play with his sisters. Physically, he is the hardiest of all the kittens and we anticipate he will be a large, stocky guy once he is full-grown. Though Vector can be reserved, once he feels comfortable, he enjoys being picked up and kissed but then he wants his freedom back. He's an independent guy, after all!

Birth year: 2023

Likes: fuzzy blue ball, playing with toys, roughhousing with his siblings, Wednesday, a clean litter box, being loved by his sisters, catching bugs, eating any leftover food

Dislikes: when Wednesday leaves the tack room, being cuddled for a long time

Veterinary Team:

  • Veterinarian: Dr. Tucker, Hayden Veterinary Clinic, Hayden, AL
  • Veterinarian: Dr. McDonald, Locust Fork Animal Clinic, Locust Fork, AL


Average monthly cost for basic care: $70

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