Oh boy, did Vertex have catitude when we found her! She was an expert at avoiding our attempts to catch her and she let us know by hissing and pulling her ears way down to her head. We questioned whether it was too late to socialize her. She disliked being held and was on the defense around people.

During Vertex's first vaccination appointment, she was shaking and appeared to be cold. Our founder, Elizabeth, held her in her lap and wrapped her sweater around her. Vertex purred and purred, and even closed her eyes! After this, she totally changed her mind about people. She happily accepts pets and seeks out being picked up and loved on. She has an adventurous, playful spirit as she enjoys climbing on the shelves and knocking toys off. She also likes to stalk her siblings, pouncing on them and encouraging them to play with her.

Birth year: 2023

Likes: being held and kissed, all the snackies, roughhousing with her siblings, playing the shelf game, zooming all over the tack room, purring

Dislikes: when her siblings are hogging the food, car rides

Veterinary Team:

  • Veterinarian: Dr. Tucker, Hayden Veterinary Clinic, Hayden, AL
  • Veterinarian: Dr. McDonald, Locust Fork Animal Clinic, Locust Fork, AL


Average monthly cost for basic care: $70

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