Morticia was a black and white cat. Her fur pattern looked like she had an "M" outlined below her nose, so we decided to name her something that started with that letter! She always visited the barn with another black and white cat. We presumed they were mother and daughter, or sisters. They head-butted each other, intertwined their tails, and behaved so happily in each other's presence. Once the name Morticia came to mind, we realized we had to name the other cat Wednesday.

After we trapped Wednesday to have her spayed, we only saw Morticia for a few more meals. Sadly, after that, she disappeared. We have not seen her since. We miss her presence, and we know Wednesday does too. We continue to include her as one of our adult barn cats because she will always be welcomed if she returns; otherwise, we will cherish her memory.

Birth year: ~2022

Likes: Wednesday, mealtime, cat companionship

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