After a few days on the sanctuary property, our founders spotted a black cat near the barn. Days later, after discovering the Golden Girls in a barn stall, they noticed the same black cat observing them from under the exterior barn door. When they visited the kittens each night, this adult cat was also there. We determined that she was their mother, and she was making sure that her kittens were safe. Sometimes we saw her carrying food from the woods back to the barn for them. She appeared to be a very attentive mother! As Lotus became more comfortable with us, she started hopping onto the stall wall and would zigzag through the bars to share the food we brought for her kittens (even though she had already eaten the food we brought *for her*!).

Lotus was given her name for two reasons:

  1. Our sanctuary is located outside of Locust Fork and our founder's mom accidentally referred to the town as "Lotus Fork".
  2. She is a black cat, like a Black Lotus.

On the last day of Lotus's recovery from her spay, we let her into the tack room with the kittens. While the kittens were curious about her, she was eager to return to life as an empty nester!

Lotus comes to the barn like clockwork for mealtimes. We recognize her big-eyed stare and curious disposition.

Birth year: ~2022

Likes: hunting, taking care of her kittens, food, exploring the property, wide-eyed stares

Dislikes: loud noises and strangers

Veterinary Team:

  • Veterinarian: Dr. McDonald, Locust Fork Animal Clinic, Locust Fork, AL


Average monthly cost for basic care: $60


Fun Fact:

Lotus is our first on-site sanctuary resident!

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