Mr. Dorothy

Mr. Dorothy taught us that it is tricky to determine a kitten's sex when they are only a few weeks old. We had already decided that he and his sisters would be named after the Golden Girls, so when we realized he was a boy, we added the Mr.!

Mr. Dorothy is our only black kitten and from the start, he was the friendliest. He is the first to greet us at the tack room door, and he meows and follows us around until we pay him the attention he deserves. If you bend over in his presence, he may jump onto your back! He is also happy to sit on your lap and soak up all the affection. At night, he likes to stand by the window and try to catch the bugs outside, chattering away the whole time.

Birth year: 2023

Likes: jumping on people, destroying toys, being held and petted, purring, climbing the cat shelves, snuggling, aspiring karate master

Dislikes: not getting attention!

Veterinary Team:

  • Veterinarian: Dr. Tucker, Hayden Veterinary Clinic, Hayden, AL


Average monthly cost for basic care: $70

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